"Humanity, let thou be our spirit
Sympathy & Empathy thou wings
Truth & Righteousness your soul
To let the Heaven prevail"

Dear Friends

It’s my heartfelt pleasure to be a part of this prestigious institution and work in true sense for the motherland.

In this modern era where sophistication with materialistic and professionalistic attitude is fast prevailing, one thing is eternal and it is ’Humanity’ which is a pre-requisite to survive in this mortal world.

Education is the most powerful instrument to make this possible. It is the process which brings out all the potential in an individual and gives them a right direction. It gives the human traits a new look. And no doubt, childhood is the prime time where it works the best. School is a place where foundation of a child’s bright future is laid. Every child’s mind is like clay. As a potter can give any shape to the clay, in the same way a teacher can give proper shape to the mind of the students. Having this motto in life-this institution has an enriched and competent staff which constantly work to accomplish this aim.

It affords one immense pleasure to register a sense of indebtedness to my mentor honorable Director sir, fellow teachers and students for their unflinching support and stupendous response in the embellishment of well integrated wholesome personality of students and producing versatile global citizens

Ms. Anita Negi